Destination: Spring Break 2020, the Chez-cation

Last month when the world began to shut down it was obvious that spring break 2020 was cancelled. It’s a decision that was out of everyone’s control but for a completely justified reason.

As a response I created an article about an Extreme Staycation – or as I prefer a Chez-cation (from the French word “chez” meaning home, which rhymes with stay). While a staycation encourages visiting places within your hometown, a chez-cation involves visiting places in your house. The article, on, gives families a week’s worth of vacation-inspired activities from exploring new worlds (the attic) to camping (with blanket forts).

My spring break goal was to complete at least one of the article ideas with my daughters. They were helpful with suggestions when I wrote the piece, but actually participating in these ideas was not happening.

I convinced them to visit the attic but they soon lost interest. I set up a spa station but that was also short lived. I found a recipe for us to make but they were back on electronics. So I gave up. I’d lost control of Spring Break #2.

Then my pre-teen made a list of her own activity ideas. She listed Hide & Seek, Walk the Dog, and Put on a Play among half a dozen others with the plan to choose one per day. (Not completely willing to give up all control I’ll admit I added Home Movies to her list.)

Yesterday she selected Talk Show – a game she created to see how much we know about each other. It’s played like the Newlywed Game with questions like “My dream job,” “Food I don’t like,” and “My biggest fear.” We each took turns posing the questions about ourselves while the others guessed the response on a mini whiteboard. It was several hours of pure amusement. We’d forgotten that being alone with family wasn’t a choice, but a necessity.

Giving up control is never easy. It’s certainly been one of the more challenging aspects of the pandemic. Yet ironically my giving up control led to the most fun we’ve had over the past several weeks. I can’t promise my family that I will completely relinquish control for future vacations, but that will among my memories of Spring Break 2020.


The Extreme Staycation

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