Bringing Tiny Ones into a Tiny House

Several years ago I wrote about a University of Richmond couple who had downsized to a tiny house. Soon after their move they learned she was pregnant with twins. They adapted the space for their new infants and planned to stay there even as the babies grew. What was most inspiring about the article was the simplicity of their lives.

The tiny house lifestyle can be adapted without havingĀ  to live in a small house. Generally speaking the answer is less stuff. Something as simple as reducing a wardrobe can save time each day. After a three week trip in France I realized how blissful it was each morning to only have 4-5 clothing options out of my suitcase versus several dozen in my closet back home. Having only a handful of healthy staples in the pantry is easier to figuring out meals than a crowded pantry filled with items that may never be used.

Although their parenting blog is no longer active another blog,, has many tips for the tiny house lifestyle.

Tiny House Magazine article

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