One of my favorite writing jobs is for I get to write about small local businesses and what makes them unique. I also get to write about cool people who are discovered by Stand Out Truck owner, Mychal Connolly. Mychal was once a kidpreneur – a young entrepreneur –  and now when he spots community youth with the same business spirit, he highlights them on his website. 

As a writer for the website, I have the privilege of interviewing these youth and writing about their business ventures. I’m always impressed by how well-spoken these kids are. It’s easy to be passionate about a business, but not always easy to talk to a stranger. This is especially true when it’s by phone, yet these youth always seem to step up to the task.

Impressive Kids

Jesmary Gonzalez is one such student who has a passion for cooking, and she turned that passion into her own businesses. After hearing her describe the treats she creates, I’m only disappointed I don’t live close enough to try them.

Olivia Latorre created her own kids accessories business because she was annoyed at the lack of items for kids at pop-up shops. Through another interview, I spoke with a nail artist who was shocked that she became internet sensation with her cool nail designs.

And then there’s the story of two teenagers who became real estate agents. I didn’t even know what I wanted to be when I was a teenager, much less have a career buying and selling houses. Before they even graduated from high school, they’d obtained their real estate licenses and are on their way to being moguls.

Continuing the Inspiration

I recently completed another project for Mychal, a book about young entrepreneurs. It follows one young boy who opens a lemonade stand, and quickly realizes that the best way to be successful is to surround himself with others who have strengths that he lacks.

Being able to work together and collaborate is something that’s hard for adults to do, much less children. My hope is that the book can serve as inspiration for youngsters who have amazing skills in certain areas, but might not have the confidence or knowledge to excel in every aspect of the business world.

Mychal’s primary company is Stand Out Truck, a mobile billboard that drives around the Springfield area in Massachusetts. He also operates a content creation agency, but beyond that he has a real passion for helping youth in the community. His goal is to give away as many of these books as possible and give them the knowledge that he wishes he’d had as a kidpreneur. It’s an act of giving back that will hopefully be reflex, and have an eventual benefit for the entire community. 

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